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Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De mayo has arrived and you know I have the scoop on the best Latin food in the DMV area.

Who doesn’t love a good Margarita? Especially on Cinco De Mayo! I would suggest heading to Rosa Mexicana for the best frozen pomegranate Margarita and guacamole you will EVER have! Oyamel (A Jose Andres restaurant) also has a stiff, bright, vibrant pomegranate Margarita. Oyamel’s isn’t frozen, but it’s just as refreshing.

Ok, now here are the digs on where to eat. If you follow my InstaStory, you know I love SOL Mexican Grill! First bite and you will say “Chipotle Who?” This is authentic Mexican cuisine. They have a variety of menu options ranging from crunchy tempura battered fish tacos to make your own Burrito Bowl’s, and if you love spicy like I do, ask for the spicy sauce with extra jalapenos. Their toppings bar will leave your bowl 10 feet high.  Another favorite of mine is the ‘Camarones al mojo de ajo negro’ aka ‘Black Garlic Shrimp’ from Oyamel. This includes fresh gulf shrimp, sautéed with peppers, onions, and lots of black garlic. This dish is amaze balls. And of course I can’t forget tacos. RIP Del campo (sad face). Del campo morphed into a taco stand during the week for lunch. They have now closed, but you can still enjoy great tacos from Taco Bamba. I have tried the Drunken Master Tacos as well as the Al Pastor tacos. The Drunken Master Tacos are shrimp tacos filled with kung pao shrimp, chile de arbol, shishitos, peanuts, miso-agave rice. The Al Pastor tacos are pork and pineapple tacos. You guys know I love my seafood, but surprisingly, I would have to choose the Al Pastor’s over the Drunken Masters. The Al Pastors are far more flavorful, even though there are less ingredients, and the pork and pineapple compliment each other very very well. Also, you can check out a previous post I published on Nacho Mama’s in the Canton area of Baltimore.

I’m pretty sure a few restaurants will join in on the festivities, these are just a few of my favs. I hope you guys have fun this Cinco De Mayo.  Please be safe and remember not to drink and drive

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