NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! (Future..you know, the rapper, yeah his voice) Lol! Are you guys tired of me and my corny jokes yet?

So I have read some pretty horrible reviews about NOBU DC! I will give it to you guys straight no chaser…..the people that are reviewing this restaurant have something BAD to say about EVERYTHING but the FOOD!!!! We are there for the FOOD people. I have read how horrible parking is, how horrible the decor is compared to other locations, etc…. When I write a review, its strictly about the food, unless I visit some place and the restaurant is just absolutely disgusting, then we have a problem….

That being said!!!! RUNNNN!!!! Make your reservations guys! You guys know I LOOOOOVVVEEEE Japanese food. NOBU satisfies my craving. The alcoholic beverages are strong, the staff is amazing (you get a traditional Japanese welcome from all staff upon being seated), and the food is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Here are 3 of my favorite beverages from the menu, the Lychee & Elder Flower Martini is super posh and cute with the perfect pour of vodka and so is the Pineapple Martini, but my absolute favorite has to be the Mia Margarita. I love a fruity, spicy drink, its refreshing with a kick.

For an appetizer, if you love salmon, you guys have to try the Salmon Karashi Su Miso. Its salmon, quickly seared on the outside with a fresh bright rare center, topped with a miso sauce, green and red onion, and capers! “OMG” is all I can say. This dish has to be my favorite thing on the menu. I can literally eat 2 servings by myself. The salmon is moist, seared to perfection, and doesn’t at all have a raw “fishy” taste, and the onion, capers and miso sauce adds this herbaceous, yet pickling flavor that ties the entire bite together and leaves you wanting to lick the plate and kiss the chef afterward. Also, the Lobster NOBU Tacos that are pictured, let’s just call them bite-sized AWESOMENESS. They come prepared in a crispy wonton taco shell, with generous pieces of lobster, and topped with a salsa, a sort of mustard like aioli, and wasabi sauce.

Now, I have never been to NOBU for dinner, most of my experiences are on my lunch break, which means I’m eating fairly quickly to make it back to my lovely place of business. For lunch, if you want to sample a bit of everything, I would suggest ordering the Bento Box, my personal favorite. The box comes stacked with a hot side and cold side, and includes some of the restaurants most popular dishes. On the hot side of the Bento Box, there is a vegetable medley which usually includes mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, and carrots, sauteed and served over a bed of jasmine rice; Black Cod with Miso which is a piece of soft flaky cod, glazed in a sweet miso sauce, and happens to be another favorite of mine; and the Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce (NOBU is actually the originator of bang bang shrimp and that’s what this is), served over a bed of mixed greens and tossed with a miso dressing.  The cold side comes with a mixed green salad, tossed with ginger dressing and topped with fresh seared tuna, and assorted sushi. The sushi is assorted and they never list what it is because it’s actually a surprise from the chef. Don’t fret, the server typically asks if anyone at the table has any food allergies before meals are prepared just in case you don’t eat something or you’re allergic to an ingredient in the chef’s wonderful surprise. Also, as an appetizer with the Bento Box, guests are served miso soup. Their miso soup is beyond flavorful, I know the broth has to be “homemade,” and the large chunks of tofu aren’t bad either.

Overall, NOBU is one of the best Japanese restaurants I have had the pleasure dining with. I’ve actually visited about 5 times since their opening Fall 2017 and I don’t plan to stop.




2525 M St NW

Washington, DC 20037

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