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I’m back foodies!!!! After traveling for work an entire week, and writing 5 documents from scratch in a matter of days, I couldn’t post any content last week, but, I’M BACK!!!

This week’s treat is some SCRUMPTIOUS ITALIAN eats. I know I mention quite often that I am not a cheese eater, AT ALL, and normally when you think Italian, you think cheese, but RPM Italian is one of my favorite restaurants.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that most of the time, my experiences are during lunch hours throughout the work week. This was no different. My team and I needed a moment from the office, so we decided to visit RPM for some lunch and laughs. The meal began like we start every meal,  with sparkling water and lemon and lime wedges. Now I just said we needed a break from the office, so you know what came next, COCKTAILS!!!!! I actually ordered from the ‘No Proof Cocktails” menu. I had the ‘Spiced Pineapple’ and asked the bartender to spike it with some Ketel One. This drink was SEXY. The sweetness of the pineapple, the tartness from the lime, the spiciness of the jalapeno, and the cool but fragrant bite from the cilantro with the sneakiness of the Ketel One made for a seductive taste. Next, it was time for FOOD. I was not in the mood for pizza, pasta, or a “regular” Italian meal, so I ordered from the ‘Lunch Express Menu.’ With this menu, you order an Antipasti, Entrée, and Dessert. I ordered the Big Eye Tuna Bruschetta, Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass, and the Dark Chocolate Gelato.

The Big Eye Tuna Bruschetta was presented on a thick piece of chilled Ciabatta, layered with a basil aioli, and fresh raw tuna chunks. This is a mature bite. If you don’t like raw tuna, don’t order it. I am a huge fan of raw tuna and I enjoyed every bite of this appetizer. The bread is a thick cut of Ciabatta layered with a tangy basil aioli that definitely contains some citrus, and topped with generous portions of raw tuna chunks. I devoured every inch of this Bruschetta and did the “Bird man Hand Rub” as I waited for my entrée. I didn’t know what to expect with the Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass, but boy when she served it, I wasn’t at all let down. I took the first bite and didn’t stop. I finished the entire dish. SILENTLY. You know food is amazing when everyone at the table turns silent. The fish was grilled, and I believe pan seared, because the skin was perfectly crisp. The inside was flaky and moist and everything was perfectly seasoned. The fingerling potatoes were pan seared to perfection with the perfect amount of salt, and the entire plate was drizzled with some sort of mushroom oil. My colleagues ordered salads, giant prawns, chicken parmesean, meatballs, etc…, and no one left with a doggy bag. On to the dessert. Imagine a deconstructed S’More. The dark chocolate gelato was smooth, silky, and creamy, the graham cracker is made in house and there was a strong coconut flavor present, and the toasted sweet marshmallows tied the entire dessert together. Can you guys believe I finished ALL of this food? Oh wait!! Back up back up!!! The 600-day Prosciutto is to DIE for!!! I crave this stuff guys. I don’t know how this even made it to the bottom of the post. This is tangy, salty, buttery bites of some of the finest prosciutto I have ever had. Let this be the first thing you try when you visit.

So how greedy is this? I woke up the very next morning craving the same exact meal and ditched work to indulge. The only difference is I enjoyed the ‘Spritz and Giggles’ cocktail instead of the ‘Spiced Pineapple.’



RPM Italian DC

650 K Street NW

Washington, DC 2001

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