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NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! ( know, the rapper, yeah his voice) Lol! Are you guys tired of me and my corny jokes yet?

So I have read some pretty horrible reviews about NOBU DC! I will give it to you guys straight no chaser…..the people that are reviewing this restaurant have something BAD to say about EVERYTHING but the FOOD!!!! We are there for the FOOD people. I have read how horrible parking is, how horrible the decor is compared to other locations, etc…. When I write a review, its strictly about the food, unless I visit some place and the restaurant is just absolutely disgusting, then we have a problem….

That being said!!!! RUNNNN!!!! Make your reservations guys! You guys know I LOOOOOVVVEEEE Japanese food. NOBU satisfies my craving. Continue Reading