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The Bombay Club

It seems like winter doesn’t want to say goodbye! So who’s in the mood for something spicy to keep you warm?

The Bombay Club is a hidden gem on 16th and I st NW in the bottom of an office building, walking distance from the White House. The Bombay Club offers authentic Indian cuisine.

First, of course, I started with a drink (don’t judge…we all need a little pick me up). It was tasty. I believe it was a mixture of pomegranate juice and vodka, garnished with mint and lemon. I typically don’t review drinks because restaurants tend to change cocktail menu’s often AND…..WE’RE THERE FOR THE FOOD!!!! (lol) Anywho, there were four of us, so we ordered an assortment of appetizers to include: Goan Crab Marsala, Crispy Kale, Mustard Scallops, Seekh Kabab, and what I believe was the Tawa Fish. Out of the four, the Mustard Scallop had to be my favorite. Coated in a thin layer of mustard spread then pan seared, those scallops were so succulent, fresh, and tender, an overall awesome bite of food. The crab marsala was as promised, lump crabmeat with Indian curry. I’m a seafood lover so the crab and scallops were my favorite dishes. The crispy kale was excellent as a vegetable choice for an appetizer. It was large enough for a table of four to share. It was flash fried kale, topped withdate-tamarind chutney, onion, tomato, and yogurt. Once mixed together, all elements of the salad complimented one another. My least favorite of the appetizers had to be the Tawa fish and the Seekh Kabab. The fish was so rich in Indian flavor. It was baked in a leaf, covered in green curry paste, and garnished with tomato and lemon. The flavor was present, the fish was prepared very well, and was moist, it was just my least favorite. The Seekh Kabab was misleading. I thought it was lamb kabobs. They came to the table resembling dog poop. The texture was soft. The flavor was excellent but for me, the texture and presentation was very off-putting.

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