Hill Country BBQ

“Whats in your butcher’s paper?”

Spring is FINALLY here and that means GREAT BBQ is a MUST! GREAT BBQ is hard to find in the DC region. I’ve eaten from food trucks, a host of restaurants, and nothing compares to HILL COUNTRY BBQ MARKET!

Pictured is the PitMaster Special with 4 meats (smoked wings, a hot link, beef brisket, and spare ribs), 2 sides (collards and the camp fire baked beans w/burnt ends), and two corn muffins. The true test of great bbq is being able to dive into it without it being slathered in sauce. You can do JUST that with this plate. The hot link packs the perfect HOT punch, the spare ribs are meaty, juicy, and succulent with the perfect amount of rub, the smoked wings are AMAZING and offer a smokey bite with a hint of honey, and the brisket is tender and packed with a smoke flavor. The camp fire beans w/burnt ends are ummm ummm good. The bbq and brownsuagr flavors mesh well with the burnt ends to add the perfect amount of texture to the bite. The collards aren’t your grandmothers, but they will do.

Banana Pudding is by far one of my ALL TIME favorite desserts. It’s nostalgic. If you look closely, this banana pudding is infused with vanilla bean. The cookies aren’t too hard or soft and the pudding is HOMEMADE. Every spoonful gets better and better. You know the kind of better when you close your eyes as you’re eating because it’s so scrumptious? THAT’S THIS BANANA PUDDING. HILL COUNTRY is amazing. It’s located on 7th street a few blocks south of the newly named Capitol One Arena. Go check them out if you’re ever in the mood for some GREAT BBQ or a sweet southern dessert like the one pictured here. They offer dine in and carry out at an affordable price.



Hill Country BBQ

410 7th St NW

Washington, DC 20004


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