Who Doesn’t LOVE a Good BURGER

Are you in the mood for a succulent, 100% beefy burger? Not those flimsy things from your local fast food chains, but a good juicy burger? Let me assist you with your search.

Pictured above, first you have Michel Richards CENTRAL. Central is located in downtown DC on 11th and Pennsylvania Ave. Central offers a burger that will stack up (literally) to ANY burger. It comes bound with a toothpick to hold all of the goodness together. If I haven’t informed you guys, I DON’T EAT CHEESE, not because I’m allergic or anything, it’s just never been my “thing.” BUT, the CENTRAL burger comes plastered with gooey cheddar cheese as an option. It also comes with a crispy fried potato chip atop and a side of amazing fries served in a very cutesy fry basket. While waiting, if you’re lucky enough to snag a table by the open kitchen, you can watch while the chefs crank these babies out. I give CENTRAL a 10/10 for their burger and fries.

Also pictured is Shake Shack. Shake Shack ranks at about a 6/10 for me. The fries weren’t seasoned. They tasted like frozen crinkle cut fries, no salt or pepper added, just BLAH. The burger was good but it wasn’t “out the park” amazing. The cookies and cream shake was done right, with just the perfect amount of cookies for the cream. Shake Shack is the place that will satisfy your burger craving but won’t send it over the top.

Not pictured is my favorite next to CENTRAL, which is GOOD STUFF EATERY! Guys!!!!! Be prepared to roll your sleeves up and dive into this awesomeness. Good stuff comes made to order. In addition to the burger, you can add an order of fresh cut fries. BUT, not just ANY fries…you have to try the sea salt and rosemary fries! Can you say AMAZING! Now, back to the burger. I hope you are eating this amongst friends or family where you feel most comfortable because, IT CAN GET MESSY, but I guarantee you will lick your fingers afterward. I’m a simple gal and I normally order the farmhouse burger, but they offer a wide variety of burgers, from one named after First Lady and President Obama, to vegetarian/vegan options.  Good Stuff Eatery has several locations. Check their website for one near you.



1. Michael Richards Central

1001 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20004

2. Shake Shack

Visit the site for your local Shake Shack

3. Good Stuff Eatery 

Visit the site for the closest DC Good Stuff Eatery near you

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