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Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

I know you guys have been waiting on a steakhouse…so I’ll present you with one of my favorites, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. I’ve heard a lot of people make comments about how “Del Friscos is overrated.” I may agree based on the fact that most only visit to snap pictures and tag their location. I, however, actually visit to eat and indulge in the tasty food. Del Frisco’s is my favorite because they don’t strictly enforce a dress code like some others (there have been a few places I’ve dined that require a suit jacket), the views while seated are amazing, and the food is beyond outstanding.

This particular trip, I treated my supervisor for his birthday. We’re frequent customers, but we’d never dined for dinner. We started with the Thick-Cut Nueske’s Bacon Au Poivre. You guys, this bacon was cured for 21 days. The bacon was so tender you could cut it with a spoon! The bacon tasted like a RIB!!!!! And the bourbon molasses glaze that came atop, OMG…all I can say is DELIGHTFUL. On to the main course. We ordered the Wagyu Tomahawk, cooked medium (hot pink center), Brussel Sprouts, and Chateau Mashed Potatoes, all to share. Now if you love steak, you know a good grade of steak isn’t prepared with lots of sauces and seasonings, its prepared to your liking and seasoned with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. The flavor is usually extracted during the cooking from the natural fats, and the hint of salt and pepper enhances that natural flavor. That’s exactly how our Tomahawk was prepared and it was to die for. It wasn’t chewy, it literally melted in our mouths. The Brussel Sprouts are sautéed with smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and lemon butter. They are the perfect combination of salty earthiness. The Chateau Mashed Potatoes are mashed with the skin on, scallions are thrown in with some salt and pepper, and they are broiled for a slight char on top, then topped with butter that melts as it arrives to the table. I mean, what’s a better dinner? The perfect cut of steak, potatoes, and some Brussel sprouts. We were STUFFED!!! Now don’t forget, I mentioned we were there celebrating a birthday…and boy did the server have a surprise for us. He brought out their famous butter cake topped with house-made butter-pecan ice cream, house-made vanilla bean ice cream topped with house-made whipped cream and chocolate shavings, house-made whipped cream topped with a strawberry, and a very rich (so rich you can smell the aroma from tables away) fudge cake garnished with powdered sugar, raspberry sauce, and a fresh raspberry. We literally had to sit here for an extra 45 minutes to inhale this and let it digest or we would have needed assistance making it to our cars.

I love this place. The service is always top notch and I have never been dissatisfied. I will say I was sad the Tempura battered lobster tails weren’t offered this particular night. That has to be my absolute favorite thing on the menu. If you are ever near a Del Frisco’s and in the mood for a great atmosphere and even better food, I would definitely recommend stopping in.



Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

950 I Street NW, Suite 501

Washington, DC 20001

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