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BLT Prime by David Burke

If you guys follow my Instagram page (@freelunchfoodblog), you’d know that I posted a short video of some bacon being candied tableside a few weeks ago. Well, I’ve finally decided to publish my post about BLT Prime by David Burke which is located inside of the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC.

This was my first time inside of the Trump Hotel and dining at a BLT location and I was HIGHLY impressed. My counterpart and I started with cocktails. We both ordered the Raspberry Lemondrop. It was presented with a lemon slice, chopsticks, and made with raspberry syrup that made for a very beautiful hue of pink. The drink was stylish. I know, weird word to use for an alcoholic beverage, but it had lots of style and tasted exactly like raspberry lemonade, but the vodka was present as well. Bring onnnnnnnn the bacon. For appetizers, we ordered the Clothesline Candied Bacon and the Caesar and Crab cake Croutons (Caesar Salad). You guys, I could never be vegan or vegetarian because I will NEVER give up bacon!!! What better way to enjoy a slice of bacon than with it hanging from a clothesline and being charred tableside and all of the succulent juices dripping on the pickle below? I mean COME ON!!!! Can you say AMAZING! DELICIOUS! DELECTIBLE! SINFUL!!!! The Caesar Salad with the mini crab balls was just as good. It also came topped with parmesan cheese and a homemade crouton. We’ve only eaten appetizers at this point and I was already won over. The server then proceeds to bring the Gruyere Popover’s to the table along with the recipe!!!  Guys! These popovers were so light and fluffy inside. They were accompanied with butter and salt.

Prior to dining with BLT Prime, I scoped the menu. I knew I wasn’t in the mood for steak, but wanted something filling. I browsed and came across the Dover Sole. Dover Sole is a European fish, flown into the states frequently. Whenever it’s served, its usually on the expensive side due to the import process. I ordered the Dover Sole and was highly satisfied. A thin piece of flaky fish, served with capers and a soy brown butter sauce, one word, mouthwatering. For sides, we had the Hipster Fries and Steamed Broccoli. The broccoli was a great accompaniment to the Dover Sole. The Hipster Fries were just “so so.” They tasted like frozen fries, and I would think a restaurant of this caliber would serve fresh cut fries. The fries were topped with parmesan, shishitos (peppers), and beef jerky. You would think we were stuffed after all we ordered above right? WRONG!!! We opted for dessert!!! We ordered the Chocolate Fondant Souffle Cake. The cake is baked to order. It is served warm and topped with powdered sugar, atop caramel sauce with a side of vanilla bean ice cream and brown sugar cookie crumbles, garnished with strawberries. When you spoon into the cake, warm chocolate fondant oozes from inside and makes for a great swirl with the caramel sauce. My experience here was HEAVENLY guys.

I would definitely recommend dining at BLT Prime. The service was outstanding and the food is Yummy. The only gripe I had is with the sparkling water that was served. I noticed that in the hotel areas, they served BADOIT. BADOIT is probably the best sparkling water on the planet. BLT serves Pellegrino. I mentioned this to the manager and she promised that the next visit she would ensure we had a bottle of BADOIT. That made lunch even better. Go visit BLT Prime guys!!!



BLT Prime by David Burke

1100 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20004

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