FreeLunchBlog is a food inspired column focusing on introducing our fellow foodies to some of the D(D.C.) M (Maryland) V(Virginia)’s best bites. FREE LUNCH BLOG is EVERYTHING FOOD! Not one location (will travel for food), not one style of food (American, Asian, Indian, Italian, Indian, Caribbean, etc…), not one price range (fine dining, fast food, bars, etc…), this BLOG is ALL THINGS FOOD!


Welcome everyone! My name is Shauntrice Wilson and I LOVE FOOD! I am a DC native and since a child, I can remember my family and I visiting some of DC’s most fabulous restaurants. As I grew older, I began to travel and explore the millions of restaurants and bites the world had to offer. The one thing I look forward to every day is EATING. I plan my day around lunch since that’s when I do most of my “taste testing.”

My coworkers encouraged me to start a food blog after they realized I was a food guru. They depend on my expertise for date night ideas, lunch “pickmeups”, etc… I was also inspired by my young son, Maxwell to start FREE LUNCH BLOG. How can I inspire him to pursue his dreams if I don’t chase my own?

With that said, I hope you guys enjoy this journey with me and visit some of the amazing places that I have the opportunity to experience (because eating should be an experience).