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American Steakhouse

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

I know you guys have been waiting on a steakhouse…so I’ll present you with one of my favorites, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. I’ve heard a lot of people make comments about how “Del Friscos is overrated.” I may…



NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! NO BU! (Future..you know, the rapper, yeah his voice) Lol! Are you guys tired of me and my corny jokes yet? So I have read some pretty horrible reviews…


The Bombay Club

It seems like winter doesn’t want to say goodbye! So who’s in the mood for something spicy to keep you warm? The Bombay Club is a hidden gem on 16th and I st NW in the bottom of an…


Nacho Mamas

Joke: Who’s in the mood for Mexican? Answer: Nacho Mama Ok…Ok…very cheesy, but who said I was in the business of cracking jokes anyway? Anywho, No really? Who’s in the mood for Mexican? Nacho Mamas is so yummy! This…


Who Doesn’t LOVE a Good BURGER

Are you in the mood for a succulent, 100% beefy burger? Not those flimsy things from your local fast food chains, but a good juicy burger? Let me assist you with your search. Pictured above, first you have Michel…


Miss Shirley’s

The Chocolate Covered Pretzel Hot Cocoa from Miss Shirley’s Cafe Annapolis on a cold winter morning is the perfect mix of hot chocolate and vodka. The hot chocolate isn’t overly sweet and the vodka adds a tingly surprise that…


Kith and Kin

Tucked away in the quaint Intercontinental Hotel on DC’s newly remodeled waterfront, Kith and Kin is a MUST TRY. Kith and Kin, meaning friends and family, lives up to its name. The ambiance is amazing, the staff makes you…