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Seafood Gumbo Recipe

Greetings Friends!!! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted some content. Since we are quarantined, here is a recipe of some of the goodness I am cooking up for friends and family. This Seafood Gumbo was a…



My friend had this crazy idea where we’d fly across country, San Francisco to be exact, to eat. You guys know I was totally for it. We made it a priority to stop by Mourad San Francisco. We walked…


Cuba Libre

Hey foodie friends. How are you guys? It’s cold here in the DMV so I thought I would drop a new blog post on you in hopes of getting you out of that “winter weather funk” and in someone’s…


Union District Oyster Bar and Lounge

Hey Foodie Friends! Long time no talk to. Life has surely been happening on this end but I’ve been rolling with the punches. Enough about me! You came for the food right? Remember a couple posts back when I…


Del Mar

Heeeeyyy guys!!! Life has been happening. My summer has been amazing and I haven’t had a chance to blog much because I’ve been on the run, working, being a mom, and keeping my kid busy, while maintaining a social…

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Birthday Dining

Hi guys!!!! I know I’ve been MIA for about two weeks but I CELEBRATED a BIRTHDAY!!!! Thanks to everyone who wished me well, and those that made my day, week, and month EXTRA special. You guys know I couldn’t…

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The Walrus Oyster and Ale House

Summer is showing up and showing out this weekend in the DC area guys. Don’t fret! We have you covered with some refreshing, light eats that won’t have you feeling weighted down like a brick in this blistering heat.…

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Harris Crab House

It’s Father’s Day Weekend!!!! Congrats Dad’s, your weekend is FINALLY here!!! Fathers aren’t usually as difficult as moms, and enjoy simple, fun ‘outting’s’ with the family…so let FREE LUNCH help you make a decision about where to spend Father’s…


Hanks Oyster Bar

A simple scroll through Instagram stories last night inspired this post. Who loves lobster? Ok ok! Don’t all raise your hands at once (lol). A good lobster roll is a summertime staple. Tucked away on the new Wharf Waterfront…